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Silver Peak Systems, Inc.

Silver Peak helps enterprises and service providers flexibly and securely connect users to applications via the most cost-effective source of connectivity available.

With Silver Peak's WAN solutions, customers can augment or replace MPLS networks with secure Internet connectivity, often referred to as an SD-WAN, while dramatically reducing WAN costs and complexity. Silver Peak customers benefit from unprecedented levels of visibility, control, and security over all traffic traversing the WAN, while improving application and network performance.

With Silver Peak, sites can be rapidly and non-disruptively extended, moved, or changed as business demands evolve.
Silver Peak Puts All the WAN Pieces Together

- Flexibility. Silver Peak customers can rapidly and non-disruptively augment or replace their MPLS networks with any form of broadband connectivity.
- Visibility & Control. Silver Peak customers benefit from unprecedented levels of visibility into both legacy and cloud applications, and gain the unique ability to centrally assign business intent policies to secure and control all WAN traffic.
- Performance. With Silver Peak, end-user satisfaction is significantly improved due to consistent and dramatically enhanced application performance.
- Savings. Silver Peak can dramatically lower connectivity, equipment and network administration costs by up to 90% by enabling customers to leverage lower-cost Internet bandwidth.

Company Info

Silver Peak Systems, Inc.
2860 De La Cruz Boulevard, Suite 100, Santa Clara, CA, United States, 95050
+1 888 598 7325

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