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Wind River Partner News Bytes

Partner News Bytes

Curtiss-Wright Announces VPX3-535 and VPX3-534 6Gsps Wideband Transceiver FPGA Cards with Wind River VxWorks 7 BSP

Curtiss-Wright, January 26, 2018

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division announced its highest performance 3U OpenVPX™ FPGA-based transceiver cards, with 2x or greater performance compared to Curtiss-Wright's previous generation product (VPX3-530). Leveraging Curtiss-Wright’s industry leading expertise in ruggedization and thermal management, the new VPX3-535 features a user programmable Xilinx Virtex™ VU9 UltraScale+ FPGA to process dual 6Gsps 12b ADC/DAC channels on a single slot module solution with 6GHz bandwidth. Software support for the VPX3-534 and VPX3-534 modules includes a VxWorks™-7 BSP for ARM/MPSoC and Wind River® Workbench™ 4.0.


Automated Fault Injection function for TESSY 4.1 from Razorcat

Razorcat , December 14, 2017

Our Partner Razorcat will introduce at Embedded World a new version of their Unit and Integration Test Tool TESSY. The new version 4.1 include an innovate function to create and manage Fault Injections without changing the source code – saving time and money. The latest versions of Wind River Workbench and Diab Compiler are supported by TESSY.


VxWorks 7 SPARC architectural port and BSP release

Cobham Gaisler, November 20, 2017

Cobham Gaisler is currently developing a LEON SPARC architectural port (HAL) and board support packages (BSPs) for Wind River's VxWorks 7 operating system. The architectural port is in place and development is now focused on drivers for on-chip peripherals.


U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Upholds FatPipe Networks' Patent Claim on WAN Load Balancing

FatPipe Networks, November 01, 2017

FatPipe® Networks, the inventor and holder of multiple patents for software-defined networks for wide area connectivity and hybrid WANs, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office Patent Court has upheld a signature claim in FatPipe's U.S. Patent No. 6,775,235 for load balancing over disparate networks. FatPipe's 6,775,235 patent describes a system and method for communicating using two or more disparate networks in parallel, allowing for failover and load balancing of session flows and re-directing packets over multiple networks. This path selection ability represents the foundation of a hybrid WAN and the primary component of a SD-WAN solution.


Kongsberg Geospatial Collaborating with Wind River for Safety-Critical Geospatial Applications

Kongsberg Geospatial, October 24, 2017

Kongsberg Geospatial, an Ottawa-based developer of geospatial software technology, announced today that they are collaborating with Wind River® to validate their safety-critical geospatial components for applications built on Wind River's industry leading VxWorks® real-time operating system (RTOS). The new collaboration with Wind River allows Kongsberg Geospatial to provide customers with an integrated, validated technology stack, in addition to consulting and commercial support. The benefits of a validated solution include reduced development time, high reliability, and simplified integration.


Curtiss-Wright's New Family of Rugged DO-254/DO-178 Safety Certifiable Pre-Integrated Avionics Computers include Wind River VxWorks 653 support

Curtiss-Wright, October 19, 2017

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division, a pioneer in the development of COTS-based modular solutions for DO-254/DO-178 (with available certification artifacts up to DAL A for a wide variety of applications) safety certifiable systems, has debuted a broad new family of rugged avionics computers pre-integrated with safety certifiable OpenVPX™ modules. Software support includes Wind River® VxWorks® 653 RTOS.


FatPipe Introduces the First Enterprise Multi-function VNF Solution with Integrated SD-WAN Functionality to Enable Digital Transformation

FatPipe Networks, October 10, 2017

FatPipe® Networks announced the launch of a multi-function VNF (Virtualized Network Function) to its family of SD-WAN solutions. This high-performance VNF solution allows enterprises and organizations the ability to easily add and deploy more NFV without the complexity of multi-vendor interactions. It has been implemented on several NFV hypervisors (virtual machine monitors), including OpenStack, AWS, Azure, VMware and Wind River.


AXON Predict Analytics for VxWorks

Greenwave Systems, September 27, 2017

Wind River is proud to announce the general availability of AXON Predict™ Analytics for VxWorks®, broadening our VxWorks product portfolio by adding on-device analytics capabilities. The product is the result of a collaboration with our Partner Greenwave Systems, a global managed services and Internet of Things (IoT) software leader, and provides our mutual customers with real time edge analytics enabling machine learning, predictive analytics, and artificial intelligence for monetizing the IoT.


Abaco Announces First Small Form Factor Mission Ready Systems Based on Innovative Lightning Platform

Abaco Systems, September 26, 2017

Abaco Systems announced the MCS1000 and GVC2000, the first two mission ready systems to be based on the company’s innovative Lightning platform. The MCS1000 is ideal for I/O-rich applications where there are multiple target platforms or unique interfaces requirements; while, the GVC2000 high performance mission ready display computer is better suited for applications where top end data- or display processing is required, with complex or unique I/O needs. VxWorks 7 support is already available for MCS1000.


L&T Technology Services Collaborating with Wind River for Intelligent Systems

L&T Technology Services , September 21, 2017

The two companies will work together to investigate, validate and optimize LTTS technologies with Wind River software platforms to discover compelling joint value propositions for shared customers in areas such as IoT, cloud computing, and network functions virtualization (NFV) in markets ranging from aerospace and defense and automotive to industrial, medical, and networking.


FatPipe Networks SD-WAN and Hybrid Networking Products Crypto Modules Certified for Federal Information Processing Standard FIPS 140-2

FatPipe Networks, September 13, 2017

FatPipe® Networks, the inventor and multiple patents holder of software-defined networks for wide area connectivity and hybrid WANs, today announced that FatPipe's SD-WAN and other hybrid networking solutions running appliances and virtual appliances have been certified for Federal Information Processing Standard Publication 140-2 (FIPS 140-2).


Abaco Announces Innovative Lightning™ Mission Ready Systems Platform to Substantially Reduce Cost, Lead Time

Abaco Systems, September 12, 2017

Abaco Systems announced the unique Lightning platform that is designed to substantially reduce the cost and time involved in developing leading edge rugged embedded mission ready systems. Lightning-based systems are designed to be delivered to precise customer requirements in weeks rather than months with a high degree of I/O customization, resulting in significant cost and time savings. Software support for VxWorks7 is available.


FACE - aligned Safety Critical Compositor from CoreAVI

CoreAVI, September 12, 2017

CoreAVI has created the industry’s first FACE-aligned Safety Critical Compositor for OpenGL SC 1.0.1 and OpenGL SC 2.0! The compositor is based on the EGL_EXT_compositor extension published by the FACE Consortium. This extension minimizes application effort and allows for the composition of multiple windows within a multi-partition EGL system. Safety critical applications require determinism and high reliability in graphics capabilities to meet strict FAA/EASA DALs or ISO 26262 ASILs, and the use of CoreAVI’s new compositor can meet those requirements.


RTI Announces Connext DDS 5.3, the First Connectivity Software for Architecting Industrial IoT Systems of Systems

Real-Time Innovations, September 12, 2017

The Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) has developed an Industrial Internet Reference Architecture (IIRA) which cites the layered databus pattern as the recommended framework for building multi-tiered IIoT systems, such as those in connected hospitals, autonomous cars and micro grids. RTI Connext DDS 5.3 is the first software designed to implement this architecture pattern while also fostering interoperability and an open architecture to help system architects accelerate their IIoT system development. Our partnership enables joint customers to run Connext DDS on a range of Wind River operating systems including VxWorks, Wind River Linux and VxWorks 653 on a number of processors including Intel x86, Intel x64 and PPC.


Secure 6U VPX Single Board Computers

Extreme Engineering Solutions, August 30, 2017

X-ES announced the availability of two secure 6U VPX Single Board Computers. The XCalibur4646 and XCalibur4545 have Intel® based processors and are both supporting Wind River VxWorks.


ITTIA partners with Wind River and announces the availability of ITTIA DB SQL on VxWorks

ITTIA, August 29, 2017

ITTIA, a leading provider of high performance database and connectivity products for embedded systems and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, announced its partnership with Wind River® and the availability of ITTIA DB SQL on VxWorks® real-time operating system (RTOS).


Inocybe Technologies and Wind River Collaborate to Accelerate the Deployment of NFV and Open Networking Solutions

Inocybe Technologies, August 28, 2017

Inocybe Technologies, a leading Open Networking technology provider from the data center to the network edge, announced their collaboration with Wind River to supply a fully integrated and ultra-reliable NFV foundation for the rigorous demands of carrier and critical enterprise networks.


Mocana has won the Frost & Sullivan 2017 North American IoT Security Platform for Industrial Manufacturing & Automation Product Leadership Award

Mocana, August 15, 2017

This prestigious award recognizes Mocana’s ability to meet the challenges of industrial companies to secure their critical infrastructure. Frost & Sullivan’s detailed report examines the product fit, design, differentiation, support, and strategy.


CoreAVI and HENSOLDT Demonstrate RTCA DO-178C and EUROCAE ED-12C Safety Certifiable 4K Video Output Capability on HENSOLDT's Mission Computer

Core Avionics & Industrial, June 20, 2017

CoreAVI and HENSOLDT have announced the world's first RTCA DO-178C and EUROCAE ED-12C safety certifiable 4K video output hosted on HENSOLDT's RTCA DO-254 and EUROCAE ED-80 safety certifiable Mission Computer. Applications interface with CoreAVI's safety critical OpenGL drivers using Ada and C++ programming languages running with Wind River's VxWorks 653 real-time operating system (RTOS) to provide deterministic performance, all with data packages to support DO-178C and ED-12C safety certification.


Extreme Versatility for the Secure Elements of Wibu-Systems

Wibu-Systems, May 29, 2017

In the IIoT world, endpoint protection is crucial and, ideally, system integrators adopt security-by-design or security-by-default in their frameworks. CodeMeter Security extends VxWorks Security Profile capabilities by enabling copy protection, license management, and hardware key storage. In particular, Wibu-Systems provides an unparalleled range of industry-grade secure elements for the reliable and long-term available storage of encrypted data. The form factors include microSD, SD, CF, CFast memory cards as well as ASICs and USB sticks of all sizes, internal or external to the pcb, and optionally with integrated flash memory.


AdaCore’s GNAT Pro Supports Wind River’s FACE Conformant VxWorks 653 Platform

AdaCore, May 23, 2017

AdaCore today announced the continuing growth of its Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™) support, through both the current availability of its GNAT Pro 17.1 Ada Development Environment for the Wind River® FACE Certified VxWorks® 653 Platform, and initiation of the FACE verification/certification process for GNAT Pro 17.1. VxWorks 653 is the first Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) product to be certified as conformant to the FACE Technical Standard’s Operating System Segment (OSS) Safety Base Profile. By using GNAT Pro on this platform, developers of embedded software can realize the benefits of Ada’s high reliability together with the safety-critical support and ease of rapid component integration that come from VxWorks 653 and its FACE conformance. GNAT Pro for VxWorks 653 is available immediately.


GrammaTech Announces Integration Between CodeSonar and Wind River Workbench Enhancing Productivity, Security and Safety for IoT devices

GrammaTech, May 15, 2017

GrammaTech Inc., a leading provider of software assurance tools and cyber-security solutions, announces the immediate availability of the integration between CodeSonar and Wind River® Workbench. With this integration, software developers can annotate and resolve the software vulnerabilities that CodeSonar highlights without leaving the Wind River Workbench development environment, thereby significantly boosting productivity.  


Curtiss-Wright's new QorIQ T2080-based SBC for DO-254 DAL A Safety Certifiability supports VxWorks 653

Curtiss-Wright, May 08, 2017

Curtiss-Wright’s Defense Solutions division today introduced the newest addition to its growing family of DO-254 DAL A safety certifiable COTS single board computers (SBC), the new VPX3-152, a rugged 3U OpenVPX™ board that features NXP®'s QorIQ® T2080 multicore SOC. The new SBC combines the performance and advanced I/O capabilities of the T2080 with an extensive I/O complement to deliver an extremely powerful processing solution for SWaP-constrained environments.  


Tracealyzer for VxWorks v3.1.2

Percepio AB, April 28, 2017

Wind River Partner Percepio is pleased to announce the release of Tracealyzer for VxWorks version 3.1.2, now available for download. Changes include several bug fixes and plenty of useful improvements.

Download evaluation package


Artesyn Extends ControlSafe SIL4 COTS Rail Computing Platform to Onboard Applications

Artesyn Embedded Technologies, April 11, 2017

Artesyn Embedded Technologies has unveiled the latest in its portfolio of SIL4 COTS computing systems for rail safety applications, the ControlSafe™ Carborne Platform. Designed for onboard applications such as automatic train protection (ATP), automatic train operation (ATO), and positive train control (PTC), the new platform can also be used in wayside train control and rail signaling implementations. All modules in the ControlSafe Carborne Platform support Wind River’s VxWorks 653 operating system.


Abaco Systems Announces First 40 Gigabit Ethernet-capable 3U OpenVPX Single Board Computer

Abaco Systems, March 28, 2017

Abaco Systems announced the industry’s first 3U OpenVPX member of its rapidly-growing 40 Gigabit Ethernet ecosystem. The SBC367D features the ultra-high performance Intel ®Xeon® D-1500 processor family with up to 16 cores, up to 32GBytes (soon to be 64GBytes) of DDR4 SDRAM memory - and support for 10/40 Gigabyte Ethernet across the backplane. The new product supports a myriad of operating systems, including VxWorks® 7.


Introducing Real-Time Edge Analytics for VxWorks

Greenwave Systems, March 15, 2017

Greenwave Systems announced March 15th, 2017 at Embedded World a collaboration with Wind River to deliver the AXON™ Predict visual edge analytics engine with the VxWorks ® real-time operating system (RTOS).  The result? AXON Predict Analytics for VxWorks.


Curtiss-Wright and HENSOLDT partner for DO-254 Mission Computer based on VxWorks 653

Curtiss-Wright, March 14, 2017

Curtiss-Wright, HENSOLDT and CoreAVI demonstrated at Embedded World 2017 a DO-254/DO-178 Mission Computer with OpenVPX SBC, graphics and I/O solutions running Wind River's VxWorks 653 RTOS and CoreAVI safety certifiable OpenGL graphics drivers.


X-ES and Wind River Collaborate to Deliver Secure Boot for Applications Requiring Enhanced Levels of Security

Extreme Engineering Solutions, February 27, 2017

X-ES recently introduced the industry’s first NXP QorIQ T2081 processor-based COTS board solution, the XPedite6101, with support for Wind River VxWorks 653 3.0 certification-ready multi-core operating system environment and integrated with Wind River’s Information Assurance Framework (IAF) to support secure booting for military and avionics applications requiring enhanced levels of security.


ADLINK Collaborates with Wind River to Launch Joint Lab Providing Remote Integration & Testing of NFV Solutions

ADLINK, February 16, 2017

ADLINK worked with Wind River to launch a Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) Innovation Laboratory in Shanghai in February. The joint lab extends R&D centers established by both companies in Shanghai and San Jose, CA last year. The lab and R&D centers use Wind River Titanium Cloud software as their NFV infrastructure running on a hardware platform based on ADLINK Open Compute Carrier-grade Edge Reference Architecture (OCCERA). At the opening, partner solution demos included Trend Micr’s virtualization network security, ADVA’s Ensemble Orchestrator and CertusNet’s vBRAS. An additional NFV Innovation Laboratory from ADLINK and Wind River is scheduled to open in San Jose later this year.


New release from Qt: 5.5.1-2 for Wind River® VxWorks®

The Qt Company, February 14, 2017

Our partner, The Qt Company, just released the Qt 5.5.1-2 for VxWorks®. This release supports the new VxWorks 7 release SR 0480 (September 2016) on ARM-v7 with updates in the Qt Base, Qt Declarative and Qt Quick Controls modules.


CodeMeter Embedded 2.0 makes its debut at Embedded World 2017

Wibu-Systems, February 01, 2017

The next generation of CodeMeter Embedded will be introduced by Wibu-Systems at Embedded World, Nuremberg, Germany, hall 4, booth 540. CodeMeter Embedded 2.0 is a multi-platform runtime environment that supports intelligent device manufacturers in their quest for software protection and versatile license lifecycle management. The new version is compatible with VxWorks 6.9 and 7.0 and includes new features like concurrent access from multiple instances to a CodeMeter software or hardware container, optional secure disk access with HID, and the use of CodeMeter ASIC connected via SPI.


Curtiss-Wright Debuts Next Generation VPX6-197 Quad-Core Power Architecture®-based SBC with VxWorks 6.9 and 7.0 BSP support

Curtiss-Wright , January 09, 2017

The Curtiss-Wright™ Defense Solutions division today introduced the VPX6-197, its newest Power Architecture-based 6U VPX rugged single board computer (SBC). The VPX6-197 features NXP® Semiconductors™ quad-core dual threaded 64-bit AltiVec-enabled T2080 processor to deliver up to 1.8 GHz non-throttling processing performance yet only requires 42 watts of power dissipation.


Razorcat updates TESSY with full C++ support and variant management

Razorcat Development GmbH, October 28, 2016

Razorcat introduces the latest release of TESSY, the powerful, certified unit and integration testing tool for embedded software written in C/C++. TESSY 4.0 provides a wide range of new features, most notably a full support for C++, a convenient software variant management system, and UUIDs (universally unique identifiers) for all TESSY objects. TESSY supports a wide range of microcontrollers, compiler environments and target platforms, including the latest versions of Wind River Workbench and Diab Compiler.


QA Systems releases Cantata Version 7.1

QA Systems, October 06, 2016

The new version makes it very easy for customers to deploy Cantata to any target environment, as well as introducing the latest developments in bi-directional requirements traceability. A dedicated deployment Eclipse perspective provides a full deployment editor with standard, advanced and expert modes. Cantata 7.1 installs easily into the latest Wind River Workbench via Eclipse P2 provisioning, is deployed using target Build Specs and the Target Connection Framework for any VxWorks target, and gives users a complete test development and analysis environment all inside Wind River Workbench.


wolfSSL now has lwIP support

wolfSSL Inc., August 29, 2016

The wolfSSL (formerly CyaSSL) embedded SSL library now supports lwIP, the light weight internet protocol implementation, out of the box. The focus of lwIP is to reduce RAM usage while still providing a full TCP stack. That focus makes lwIP great for use in embedded systems (such as VxWorks), the same area where wolfSSL is an ideal match for SSL/TLS needs.


OCI is proud to announce the availability of ACE, TAO and OpenDDS versions compliant with VxWorks 7

Object Computing, Inc., August 25, 2016

OCI continues to invest in supporting the latest VxWorks 7 platforms.  As a thought leader in embedded open source technologies OCI has released VxWorks 7 versions of:

  • OCI's redistribution of The ACE ORB (TAO), pronounced “dow”, a C++, CORBA-compliant ORB (Object Request Broker).
  • ACE (the ADAPTIVE Communication Environment), an Object-Oriented (OO) Network Programming Toolkit for C++.
  • OpenDDS, an open source native C++ implementation of the OMG (Object Management Group) Data Distribution Service (DDS) for Real-Time Systems specification.


Trend Micro Collaborates with Wind River to Accelerate Deployment of NFV Solutions

Trend Micro, August 18, 2016

Trend Micro and Wind River are collaborating to showcase and validate Trend Micro’s network function virtualization (NFV) solution, Virtual Network Function Suite, on the Wind River Titanium Server. The solution features Intrusion Prevention (IPS), URL filtering, and Deep Packet Inspection (DPI). Through this validation and pre-integration, Trend Micro can deliver optimized solutions for service providers and telecom equipment manufacturers (TEMs) deploying infrastructure based on NFV.


Artesyn Announces SIL4 Certification for ControlSafe™ COTS Rail Safety Platform

Artesyn Embedded Technologies, August 16, 2016

Artesyn Embedded Technologies announced the Safety Integrity Level 4 (SIL4) certification for its ControlSafe™ Platform, one of the first embedded computing systems to use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components to create a fail-safe and fault-tolerant computing platform for a wide range of train control and rail signaling applications. The ControlSafe Platform enables rail application developers and system integrators to substantially accelerate time-to-market without being deterred by the potentially high costs and risks associated with the stringent SIL4 system development and certification process, a process that can take multiple years to accomplish.


IXXAT PC/CAN interface series adds support for VxWorks 7

HMS Technology Center Ravensburg GmbH, August 08, 2016

The ECI driver with VxWorks support allows easy development of CAN-based real-time applications on Intel® Core™ architectures and processors. IXXAT PC interfaces are available for all common PC interface standards – from PCIe and PCIe Mini to USB and Ethernet. Depending on the PC/CAN interface version, up to four CAN channels and a galvanic isolation of the CAN bus interface is offered.


ARM® at Intel SoC FPGA Developer Forum (ISDF)

ARM, August 04, 2016

ARM is a Silver Sponsor of ISDF again this year and we’ll be at the North America, Europe, Japan and Asia events to meet you in person. At the booth we’ll be demoing DS-5 Development Studio for Altera SoC devices. Part of the Altera SoC Embedded Design Suite (EDS), ARM DS-5 Altera Edition combines the most advanced JTAG-based multi-core debugger for ARM architecture with FPGA-adaptive debugging to provide embedded software developers with full-chip visibility and control for Altera SoC devices.


RTI Demystifies the Concept of a “Databus”

Real-Time Innovations, July 20, 2016

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is full of confusing terms. Wind River Gold Partner RTI recently demystified the concept of the “databus,” one of the most important concepts for every IIoT developer to understand. Interested in learning how a databus is different from a database (of any kind) or from a Complex Event Processing (CEP) engine? Find the answers to this and other questions in the technical blog by Stan Schneider, CEO of RTI.


Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for Renesas R-car platforms

Clarinox, June 09, 2016

Clarinox, a leading provider of automotive connectivity solutions and a Wind River Silver Partner is pleased to announce the acceptance to the Renesas R-Car consortium. This will extend the Clarinox Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support to the Renesas R-Car platforms for VxWorks and Wind River Linux. The Clarinox architecture allows seamless integration of multiple simultaneous wireless technologies, roles and/or profiles and provides the flexibility to cater for traditional or leading edge applications.


RTI Releases a New Version of Connext DDS Pro

Real-Time Innovations, May 31, 2016

Our Gold Partner RTI announced on May 17 a new version of the Connext DDS Professional: 5.2.3.  The release added support of several new platforms including Windows 10 (VS 2015), Cent OS 7, OS X 10.11, Android 5 and a new mobile operating system iOS 8. Connext DDS Pro also supports a range of Wind River operating systems including VxWorks 5.x, 6.x and 7.x series, VxWorks 653 and Wind River Linux on several processors including Intel x86 and x64, and PPC.


Gartner Names Vector Software a 2016 "Cool Vendor" in Embedded Software and Systems

Vector Software, May 19, 2016

Vector Software, the world’s leading provider of innovative software solutions for embedded software quality and a long time Wind River Gold Partner was named by Gartner a 2016 “Cool Vendor” in Embedded Software and Systems. The VectorCAST test automation platform solves complex business problems by enabling software development teams to easily automate testing tasks to improve software quality, using test-driven development, continuous integration, and change-based testing processes to engineer reliable software for accelerated time-to-market release cycles.


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