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How the Internet of Things Is Helping the Earth


A Smarter Planet Is a Greener Planet

How is VxWorks®, the real-time operating system (RTOS) for the Internet of Things, making the planet greener?

VxWorks delivers all the scalability, safety, security, and virtualization capabilities needed to meet today’s development challenges for building intelligent, connected systems for the Internet of Things. From fuel efficiencies to the smart grid, explore our customer videos, white papers, and blogs to learn how VxWorks and other Wind River® technologies have been playing a key role in intelligent projects that are essential for the future of the planet.

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Building the Smart City

With an exploding population, how will humans live together in increasingly dense urban centers? Take an interactive tour to learn how the world’s leading companies are using VxWorks and other Wind River® technologies to build out the Internet of Things and create the city of the future.

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Wind River Helix for the Internet of Things

From smart thermostats that save energy to agricultural sensors that save water to predictive maintenance that saves gas, the Internet of Things promises innumerable new ways to help solve environmental challenges. VxWorks is the flagship product for Wind River Helix, our comprehensive portfolio of software, technologies, tools, and services for addressing the system-level challenges and opportunities created by the Internet of Things.

Wind River Helix

Helix offers help for developers working in all parts of the Internet of Things, from devices and gateways to networks and cloud environments.

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Wind River IoT Microsite

Explore our insights into building the software and infrastructure for the Internet of Things.

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