Wind River Pulsar Linux for MinnowBoard MAX

Intel Atom – x86

Certified on the MinnowBoard MAX development board, Wind River® Pulsar Linux is a small, secure Linux OS for embedded and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The best part? Pulsar is available at no cost.

Begin Building Your Applications in Minutes

MinnowBoard MAX is a compact, affordable, and powerful development board for both professional developers and makers.

Its diverse capabilities help developers more quickly and easily create innovative embedded and IoT devices. Its open hardware design supports a wide range of customization and integration options.

Get MinnowBoard MAX hardware

Available with the Industry's Leading Commercial Embedded Linux OS

Pulsar is enabled on the MinnowBoard MAX. Download the image to help your team begin development immediately, without any of the headaches and hassles of setting up your own embedded operating system.

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Start Your Development

Download the certified image for your MinnowBoard MAX hardware.

Put Pulsar to work.

Want the source code?
We are developing Pulsar directly on GitHub. You can download the build system, cross toolchain, and all layers and packages needed to build Pulsar on Intel® and ARM® hardware targets by following the instructions on GitHub. You’ll be building in less than five minutes.

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